A consultant is a specialist  who provides advice and counsel in one or more areas of expertise. Our expertise is in how people relate to one another. Entities we consult with are:
     - Family-Owned Businesses
     - Small Businesses 
     - Not-for-Profit Organizations
     - Churches
     - Management Teams in larger organizations
Your group will be assessed for strengths, weakenesses, opportunities and threats (S.W.O.T Analysis). We will also take a look at your corporate culture to gain clarity of mission, purpose and expections. This will be used to identify goals for change as well as supporting objectives and tasks. Some tasks might include:
     - Customized one-on-one Coaching
     - Customised Management Coaching and Training
     - Team Building programs
     - Non-partisan small group fascilitation
     - Self-assessments
Improved relationships bring down barriers to success, and go straight to growing your bottomline. To talk about your organization further, call (317) 580-4099 or email
"Our sessions with you have led to quantifiable results in our business..., has led to better communications, ...increased efficiency and lowered stress levels..., made working with my partner a more enjoyable process for both of us, ...helped creatively within the company too. All of these things add a direct result to the bottom line. Besides helping keep our core business together, our work with you has allowed us to pursue new opportunities.
I highly recommend you...

C. C., Entrepreneur and Business owner
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